Genuine Natural Color Kuka Tasbih Muslim Prayer Beads from Turkey Leave a comment

Beautiful handmade 99-bead kuka/koka seed tasbih (prayer beads) with dividers and a beautifully sculpted alif/imam with rings on it. It is made from the dense hard seeds of the Piassava Fiber Palm (Latin name: attalea funifera) of Eastern Brazil. These Turkish style prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use. This 8-mm bead tasbih has an approximately 30-inch inside diameter so it will fit easily over one’s head and hangs down to mid-chest. Note: As this is a natural seed product color variations in the bead and slight imperfections may be noticed.
  • Unique beautiful Turkish design with rings on alif/imam
  • Very limited item, one-time production – intricately handcrafted
  • Made from the dense hard piasssava palm (attalea funifera) tree seeds
  • High quality kuka/koka with 99 8-mm beads plus 2 dividers and alif
  • Raw material from Brazil, crafted in Egypt in the Turkish style

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