TheTasbih® Large Exotic Oud Aloeswood Gaharu 12mm Bead Bracelet


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In stock

This beautiful handcrafted bracelet is made with the rare fungus infected roots of the fallen oud/aloeswood trees from the Kalimantan region of Indonesia. This unique large bracelet has a natural oud scent which emerges when the wood is crafted into beads. It is also called agarwood or Gaharu in Bahasa Indonesia. Come in a gift box. Note: the aromatic scent may naturally dissipate with time depending on the effects the air or environment may have on it. Note: The tasbih in the photo depicts the model of the tasbih but each tasbih will be slightly different. Note: We guarantee these to be made from genuine aloeswood. When working with the wood to make beads from it the scent naturally comes out because they are heated somewhat by the machinery. You will smell this subtle oud scent when you receive it but you should expect that the oud sent may dissipate after a while as a result of the affect that the air has on them. Putting them in the sun or in a sealed bag will draw the scent out again.

  • Handcrafted natural bracelet
  • Indonesian oud/aloeswood
  • Natural oud scent
  • No chemical added
  • Item Code: TSB-12UD1
Weight 3 oz

Large aloeswood Gaharu agarwood oud bracelet natural scent bracelet for men or women.

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