TheTasbih 8mm Prayer Beads Yellow Citrus Wood Tasbih w/ 11 Bead Marker


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In stock

High quality natural yellow tone prayer beads made from Indonesian citrus wood. A 99-bead tasbih strung with durable matching woven cord which is virtually unbreakable. Designed for the Jerrahi (cerrahi) Tariqah with a 6mm tamarind wood bead marker at the 11th bead. Has in inside diameter of 32-inches (81 cm) so it fits easily over the head to wear on the neck. This tasbih has an extra 10-bead counter above the Alif/imam bead and a movable space marker. These tasbih prayer beads are designed with a lock bead which allows for the tension to be adjusted to set the desired amount of space between each bead. Comes in a gift box for single purchases in the USA and Canada. Another high quality handcrafted tasbih from TheTasbih.

  • Quality 8mm tasbih with extra marker at the 11th bead
  • Jerrahi Tariqah design with 2 elegant matching ta
  • Divided at each 33-Bead section, extra movable place marker
  • Adjustable tension – Measures 32″ (81 cm) inside diameter
  • 10-bead counter above Alif for extensive repetitions
Weight 3 oz

Large collection of 99-bead tasbihs made from citrus wood and other natural woods. Low prices and fast shipping on all prayer beads

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