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TheTasbih Sandalwood Tasbih
Sandalwood Muslim Tasbih Prayer Beads

Excellent quality natural exotic sandalwood prayer beads with 99 beads plus dividers between each 33-bead set. Comes with our signature adjustable tension so that you can adjust the space between the beads to your exact comfort level. This Muslim tasbih has two unique copper-decorated tassels. Being made from natural sandalwood, of course they have a subtle pleasant sandalwood scent. Strung on durable woven black nylon cord that is virtually unbreakable. Note: Color variations may occur because this prayer beads set is all natural wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Always FREE U.S. shipping!


Strung on durable woven nylon cord
Has 2 high quality black tassels
Unique sandalwood from Indonesia
Beautiful copper-strand decorated tassels
Comes in 2″x8″ silver-foil gift box

You may also purchase this sandalwood Muslim tasbih from our Etsy store.

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