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Pine Wood Tasbih Prayer Beads

This 99-bead tasbih is made from somewhat translucent hard-to-find naturally resin-soaked pine wood (aka pitch). It has a very pleasant natural pine aroma. There is a 10, 7, and 3-bead counter above the alif. These are 8mm beads with 5mm-bead counters. Made from felled Indonesian pine trees, this tasbih would make a unique addition to your collection. The inside diameter of this tasbih (Muslim Prayer Beads) is approximately 35 inches (90 cm) so it will fit over any head size. It comes in a 2×8 inch cotton-filled gift box with single purchases from USA and Canada. At we always  offer free standard shipping in the USA and low priced international shipping. Purchase one today for yourself or a loved one.

– Natural scented pine wood prayer beads
– Strung on virtually unbreakable woven nylon cord
– Unique pine wood (pitch) from Indonesia
– Comes in a 2×8 inch gift box for US & Canada customers
– Beautifully sculpted stops at the ends above the alif

Item Code: TSN-9Y8M1

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